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Advanced Troubleshooting - a Unified Approach to Resource and Service Problem Management

Troubleshooting can be very complex.  Service Level Agreements specify critical Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) objectives which must be met.  Call Center, NOC, and Engineering costs need to be managed and time spent on troubleshooting can be very time consuming.  A unified approach to resource and service problem management is required.


  • Troubleshooting problems can take time and has a direct impact on Customer Satisfaction and MTTR. 
  • Often hold times for customers can be several minutes and is very costly to OpEx as this equates to more Customer Care reps to handle call volumes
  • Sometimes the knowledge for troubleshooting resides only in a few experts within the Call Center, NOC, Field, and Engineering.
  • Troubleshooting and testing may extend for several days as automated tests are required for NOC Engineers and Support.
  • Call Centers can be distributed geographically and very large in number - authorized access is required.
  • Role-Specific commands are required


OSSera's OSS Explorer platform is being leveraged across 1700+ Customer Care users for Advanced Troubleshooting (AT) of ADSL.   Below is a process flow:

  1.  Users will Call into the Call Center Operator - The NOC Engineer also has role-specific authorized access to the AT interface for troubleshooting.
  2. The Call Center Operator has access to the the AT interface to access role-specific authorized troubleshooting commands.  A ticket may be openned and passed to the NOC Engineer for further troubleshooting.
  3. Commands are selected on the client and triggered to run on the OSS Explorer multi-threaded symmetrcially distributed platform.  Scheduling of commands is also available.
  4. The DSLAM/EMS equipment are tested
  5. The user at home is also checking on the ADSL modem per direction from the Call Center Operator to make sure it is appropriately connected.
  6. The ADSL Modem is connected to the DSLAM/EMS and results are fed back to the NOC or Call Center Operator
  7. The DSLAM is connected out to the Internet successfully after troubleshooting.

Below is a high-level view of the CRM Tier 1 Call Center interface.

Also below is a view of the NOC role-specific AT interface.

Scheduling troubleshooting commands will help to resolve intermittant problems and also time sensative issues during peak hours.

Key takeaways on our AT solution:

  • 1000's of Clients supported
  • 99.999% symmetrically distributed system
  • multi-threaded
  • transparent upgrades
  • Secure authorized client application
  • Role-specific interfaces
  • Experience and support for various ADSL vendors.
    • Alcatel ATM & IP
    • Datang
    • Fujitsu ATM ST1AC, IP GbeTrunk, IMA 8, IMA 16, STM1 8, STM1 16
    • Huawei ATM/IP 5600v2/v3/v3R2, ATM/IP 5605, ATM/IP MSAN, IPAG
    • LG
    • Lucent ATM/IP
    • Marconi ATM/MSAN
    • NEC
    • Turbo Comm

The key components of AT include:

Beyond ADSL broadband, OSSera is working with other projects (i.e.: mobile, and IPTV).

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About Us  -  OSSera, Inc. is a global provider of Operational Support System (OSS) solutions for IT organizations, service planning, service operations, and network operations.  OSSera's multi-threaded symmetrically distributed platform fully leverages modern multi-core server hardware to provide higher flexibility, reliability, and scalability for service and resource management solutions.  OSSera's products support the TM Forum's suite of standards especially in the area of Service Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Data Mediation, and Configuration Management.   Meet the management team.

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