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Customer Experience and Social Networking: Customer Churn for all to see!

Customer Experience Management was discussed in our previous blog as we looked at how our platform helps users with Service Usage data analysis aross customers.

"Customer Experience" is a much broader function in any company and this blog addresses some aspects from a social perspective.

As we launch into 2012 we realize that it is becoming more and more important to focus on Service and Customer management which is a critical reason many CSPs are looking for flexible OSS solutions.  Business transformation is no longer an option but a requirement to compete in today's market where services can be obtained Over-The-Top.

How can a CSP differentiate their services? Quality? Quantity? Content? Customer Experience?

Network Management and Resource Management provides visibility to availability and quality of your network layer.  Resource Management is very important however management of customers is what makes the immediate impact on the business.  Typically fault and performance management solutions alone do not provide enough insight into Customers and how they view their services.  This is the primary gap which OSSera is trying to fill with our Service Manager and Customer Experience Management solutions. 

CSPs demand more than Fault Management.  Recent trends in the area of assurance show that service providers are searching for an end-to-end solution.  

  • Solutions which are not just fault, but fault and performance,
  • solutions that are not just performance, but service impact,
  • solutions that are not just service impact, but service quality,
  • solution that are not just service quality, but service level management,
  • solutions that are not just service level management, but customer experience management

Can one solution provide all of the above?

This is a lot to ask for from any existing point solution, probe, framework, etc... In the last two decades from 1992 to 2012 there have been point products and there have been frameworks.  But all specialize in a particular functional area.  One specializes in fault management, another in service quality...

CSPs are demanding innovation from their suppliers!

But the more RFx's we see, and the more CSPs we talk to, the general trend is that is not good enough.  CSPs want everything, end-to-end, the "kitchen sink".  CSPs want a unified solution.  We'll reserve this topic for another blog and switch back to Customer Churn....

Even more than the OSS many CSPs are being very innovative with the way they manage the social networks that can be both very damaging and very helpful to their service.

Customer Churn for all to see...

Today more than ever there is a need to manage "Customer Churn" because Churn is not just something you see when someone cancels their services... Today "Customer Churn" is shared across various Social Networking communities like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other online communities, etc...

The damage from one outage, one bad Set-Top-Box, one dropped call, can be magnified as social networks spread the word about your service.  Too often we see a new Facebook page "I hate my XYZ service"... with 1000's of followers.

Here are some insightful presentations shared on Slideshare which show how service providers are trying to work with social networks to promote their brand.

"Where is the Love? How SingTel uses Social Media for Customer Service & Support"

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff ROI Of Social Media Social Media Club Presentation/ Forrester Research
View more presentations from Dr Natalie Petouhoff
We'll followup this blog with more content on OSSera's IPTV End-to-End Service Assurance offering.


About Us  -  OSSera, Inc. is a global provider of Operational Support System (OSS) solutions for IT organizations, service planning, service operations, and network operations.  OSSera's multi-threaded symmetrically distributed platform fully leverages modern multi-core server hardware to provide higher flexibility, reliability, and scalability for service and resource management solutions.  OSSera's products support the TM Forum's suite of standards especially in the area of Service Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Data Mediation, and Configuration Management.   Meet the management team.

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