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Complete tour of MWC in 3 minutes! from TelcoProfessionals on Vimeo.


GSMA MWC from TelcoProfessionals on Vimeo.

Analyst views on first 36 hours of MWC. from TelcoProfessionals on Vimeo.

Mobile World Congress 2011 was by all accounts a record-breaking year:


  • Highest-ever total attendance:  more than 60,000
  • Largest-ever senior-level audience: more than 58%
  • Highest-ever number of CEOs in attendance: more than 3,000
  • Largest-ever number of exhibitors:  1,400
  • Largest-ever number of press: 2,900+ press members representing 1,500 media outlets
  • Largest-ever gathering of Mobile App Developers: more than 12,000

Year over year, the GSMA Mobile World Congress attracts the largest number and highest-quality attendees of any event in the mobile industry. And true to our name, this is truly a global event: attendees came from 200 countries from around the world.

OSSera is looking forward to keynotes, speakers, and analysis on this event.  OSSera's Service Strategy, Infrastructure, and Product Planning framework for more effective, available, and flexible Service Monitoring is the key to business transformation.  Operational Support Systems will not be a key focus of the GSMA Mobile World Conference but it will definitely be an underlying enabler for the mobile services of today and tomorrow.

For more information see what we are doing for AIS Thailand, the leading mobile and broadband content service provider in Thailand with over 2000+ services and 30 million mobile subscribers.  See Case Study.

Also please see our CEM blog series which defines CEM both in the general perspective and the more specific industry perspective as it pertains to xDR probe data collection, indexing, data mining, and analysis for Customer Experience and QoS.

"Far more than a mere communication device, mobiles now serve as our books, health monitors, payment transfer devices, social connectors and tour guides. Mobile technology is embedded in our cars, homes, appliances, governments and utilities. Mobile is enhancing and expanding education and thus, transforming the world. Mobile World Congress 2012 will celebrate the current state of mobile and offer a glimpse into where mobile has the potential to go next." GSMA World Conference, 2012

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About Us  -  OSSera, Inc. is a global provider of Operational Support System (OSS) solutions for IT organizations, service planning, service operations, and network operations.  OSSera's multi-threaded symmetrically distributed platform fully leverages modern multi-core server hardware to provide higher flexibility, reliability, and scalability for service and resource management solutions.  OSSera's products support the TM Forum's suite of standards especially in the area of Service Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Data Mediation, and Configuration Management.   Meet the management team.

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  SACRAMENTO – 1 February 2018:  OSSera, Inc. today announced Network Management System (NMS) release 3.1. Based on its recent success of completing an OSS
OSSera annonced its branch office in Malaysia in Febuary 2018.
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