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Mobile Customer Experience Management (CEM) and High Performance Computing

In previous blogs we discussed the goals and industry definitions around Customer Experience Management (related CEM blogs).  OSSera's Customer Experience Manager functional architecture includes the following from the bottom up:

  • Data Collection - leveraging the OSSera adapters to collect and normalize data (such as xDR, syslog, performance matric, etc) from different data sources.
  • Data Indexing - messages are indexed appropriately such as by customer group.
  • Data Mining - for quickly and effectively finding valuable data.
  • Data Warehouse – Large volumes of data are processed efficiently stored for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or any user-defined time reports.
  • Data Correlation - Filtering, suppression, and correlation logic is applied where appropriate for real-time and on-demand.
  • Administration Tool - used to modify the above items. 
  • Reports –present customer experience.
  • OSS Interfaces - such as integration to existing CRM, Service Management, and SLA

We recently started working with a CSP which has two probe vendors for Wireless xDR processing. Sample data was downloaded for a relatively short period (~1 week) and this was around 1Teribyte of data.  Processing xDR data requires tremondous high computer power and we believe OSSera's symmetrically distributed load balanced platform is the key to enabling high performance computing for CEM.

Download our latest brochure for more information on OSSera's CEM:

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