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OSSera Big Data Analytics & Reporting Tool (DART)

OSSera DART (Data Analytics & Reporting Tool) is a Big Data Analytics Platform which is used to examine large amounts of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information.  This timely product can provide a useful tool for communication service providers (CSPs) to solve their problems and challenges they often face daily, especially in the 4G/LTE era, such as:

·         How to analyze volumes of data in near real time that eclipse the capabilities of legacy infrastructures?

·         How to utilize near real time network and customer data to identify network and or customer problems and troubleshoot the problems?

·         How to determine behaviors that may ultimately create either customer or product churn?

·         How to understand customer experiences at a transactional level and determine investment criteria?

·         How to optimize offerings and portfolio in a highly competitive market targeting high value, high margin infrastructure and applications based on empirical data?


These are all Big Data related problems.  It is well understood that Big Data is an opportunity for CSPs to create the intelligence for operating network more efficiently to analyze the success of the services that they are offering, and to create a better personal experience for their customers.  Decision makers at CSPs are eager to exploit the large amount of information to achieve better business decision, and to provide analytic end-to-end solutions based on the data available in their IT and network infrastructure. 

OSSera DART is just such a useful tool that enables CSPs to analyze and make informed decision in near real time with unparalleled efficiency, performance, and scalability.  OSSera DART can store, access, analyze, and monetize the vast amounts of CSP customer and network data without sacrificing time, scale, or detail.  Thus it can help to deliver significantly higher customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability.  OSSera DART carries out this by collecting raw mobile user data, processing data, aggregating data, storing data, calculating data, and displaying results.  It also provides many tools so users of the software can manage KPI formulation setting, threshold value defining, threshold cross alarm (TCA) generation, and results presentation and displaying. 

OSSera DART includes the following components:

·           Client;

·           Big Data platform server;

·           Big Data aggregation server;

·           Big Data processing server.


The architecture for the OSSera DART system is as below:




An example of OSSera DART’s application is to analyze and report xDR data generated from 4G/LTE network.  The xDR data processing server provides the function as below:

·           Collecting the xDR raw data;

·           Transforming xDR raw data to data records;

·           Aggregating local data records and passing to data aggregation server;

·           KPI calculation and sending results to platform server for threshold management.


The relationships among functional components in the xDR processing server can be described as in the below figure:



The aggregation server provides the function of aggregating the processed xDR data from the xDR processing server then saving the result to the database for later use of producing table generation.



The platform server provides the CRUD function for KPI, threshold, report and authorization and the deployment function.  For the report without xDR raw data, it directly returns the data from database to the client.  For the report with xDR raw data, it sends the query condition to the raw data, and then returns the result and the calculation and aggregation result to the client.  The relationships among the functional components in the platform server can be depicted in the below figure:




The first project applying OSSera DART has accomplished User Acceptance Test (UAT) in an SEA operator in April 2014.  

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