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OSSera is nominated for the Pipeline Innovation Award



OSSera has been nominated for the 2012 Pipeline Innovation Awards in the following categories:

  • Best Product Innovation, and
  • Best Deployment

...recognizing OSSera's OSS deployment for Service Planning and Monitoring of over 2000+ services - See Case Study.

Pipeline's innovation awards recognize the top innovators for advancements in the following communications technology categories:

  • Innovations in Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Cloud Innovation
  • Advancements in Video
  • Innovations in Networking
  • Technical Innovation
  • Best Ecosystem
  • Product Innovation
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • Best Deployment
  • Most Innovative Company

The 2012 Innovation Awards are a regenesis of Pipeline's former awards program and have been met with great enthusiasm and excitement throughout the global communications industry. Over 100 nominations have been submitted for well over 50 companies within the 10 innovation categories.

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About Us  -  OSSera, Inc. is a global provider of Operational Support System (OSS) solutions for IT organizations, service planning, service operations, and network operations.  OSSera's multi-threaded symmetrically distributed platform fully leverages modern multi-core server hardware to provide higher flexibility, reliability, and scalability for service and resource management solutions.  OSSera's products support the TM Forum's suite of standards especially in the area of Service Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Data Mediation, and Configuration Management.   Meet the management team.

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OSSera DART (Data Analytics & Reporting Tool) is a Big Data Analytics Platform which is used to examine large amounts of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown
OSSera Delivers Resource/ServiceActivation System Resource Activation and Service Activation Management are important components in Resource and Service Management Domain of Operations Support
OSSera won the phase-I OSS project from one of the new Fiber Network Operators in Asia in 2012. Currently OSSera is implementing its 4 products at the Operator, including Inventory Management,
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