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TelcoTV 2011: Consumer Survey - Heavy Reading - Aditya Kishore

Note: I've categorized this with 4GWorld as well because it does address some mobile video survey results.


Heavy Readings, Aditya Kishore in this video addresses the key concerns that Telco TV providers have:

  • 500 complete responses surveyed
  • OTT and Mobile Video activity was analyzed.
  • Cable has 54% marketshare; Telco 8.4% - not major shifts in market share; <10% have canceled service for OTT
  • Reasonably satisfied consumers - 1 to 3 year range is at risk of churn
  • Why churn? moving and cost - cost a major driver
  • Poor customer service is 15% - important factor
  • 11% choose provider because of better digital services
  • 50% factor in cost.
  • Massive price sensitivity - the economic climate is having an impact on paidTV
  • Price sensitivity for communication services in general

Trends in the OTT side:

  • Device shifting
  • Place shifting
  • Integrating video services into the TV
  • Video conferencing is important - Skype and FaceTime across devices
  • Internet Video is growing - several times a day
    • 50% is User Generated Content
    • 50% Professional produced content
  • Interest in subscriber base in looking at OTT content into the TV Experience
  • Frustrations with Internet Videos:
    • Delays
    • Buffering
    • Commercials
    • Video Quality not as important - but pixelations is not acceptable
  • Who is blamed for poor quality?
    • Website content provider
    • ISP
  • Subscriber church with ISP will occur with poor video experience
  • Cord-Cutting -
    • 6% have cancelled PaidTV;
    • 10% plan to cancel PaidTV;
    • 20%+ will cancel premium PaidTV - high margin services
    • 60% will use both PaidTV and Internet Video
  • Mobile Video
    • Relative small percentage
    • More a multi-screen strategy versus a pure mobile video service


  • Cable is loosing subscribers but not massive
  • 40% have been with a CSP for 5 years or more
  • Small pool of PaidTV ready to churn but main drivers are cost and move
  • Attracted to additional services
  • OTT is growing rapidly - UGC to professional produced content
  • Internet Video is rated very highly
  • Dramatic Cord-Sharing is more a threat to higher end services
  • Mobile Video is limited


Thank you Heavy Reading!


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