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We'd like to welcome our new readers to the OSSera blog and website. 

We'd like to kick off this blog with a look back at the Year 2010. 

  • Mobile Apps for everything
  • Mobile Location Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Media
  • SMS
  • Smartphones
  • 3G to 4G
  • More Usage, More handsets, more data, more competition, more mobile

Value-Added-Services are the key differentiators for Service Providers.  Service Providers in various groups including Communication, Cloud, and Managed Service Providers have to discover, design, deploy, operate, and manage Value-Added-Services.

Can this be done today without standards?

Can this be done without processes?

Can this be done without planning?

Can this be done without a unified model?

Can this be done without a scalable and 99.999% distributed highly available model?

Can this be done competitively on a cost effective platform?

Stay tuned for more blogs from OSSera which will help answer these questions and more.

Mobile Year in Review 2010

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About Us  -  OSSera, Inc. is a global provider of Operational Support System (OSS) solutions for IT organizations, service planning, service operations, and network operations.  OSSera's multi-threaded symmetrically distributed platform fully leverages modern multi-core server hardware to provide higher flexibility, reliability, and scalability for service and resource management solutions.  OSSera's products support the TM Forum's suite of standards especially in the area of Service Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Data Mediation, and Configuration Management.   Meet the management team.

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  SACRAMENTO – 1 February 2018:  OSSera, Inc. today announced Network Management System (NMS) release 3.1. Based on its recent success of completing an OSS
OSSera annonced its branch office in Malaysia in Febuary 2018.
OSSera recently won a project at an Indonesia service provider to provide a network Fault Managment System and Perfomance Management System.  The project is expected to be finished in later
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