Case Study Abstract Case Study Abstract

Case Study Abstract


The complexity of Value Added Services (VASs) is increasing over wireless and broadband services. At the same time, the existing VAS architecture requires more flexibility to support dynamic marketing requirements, business models, and technology changes.

For this Wireless and Broadband Communications Service Provider the VAS blueprints were designed in Visio which visually represented the sequence of the flow of a service and its topology.  The problem is these diagrams, though detailed and useful for record keeping, were static and did not provide any dynamic value for Customer Support or Service/Network Operations.   The Visio diagrams were also not stored in a "unified" manner.  Basically, the Visio blueprints provided a set of pictures but were limited.

The service provider had several VAS services deployed but did not have the standard processes and the tools to manage the blueprint and the VAS architectures. The operator purchased off-the-shelf products from vendors which caused redundant functions among resource teams across several departments resulting in non-optimal service flows and inefficiencies.

  • The service provider could not control VAS blueprints and architecture in the same unified view:
  • to identify customers and services potentially impacted due to changes in the network
  • to analyze problems impacting end-to-end VASs
  • to re-use as a reference for new infrastructure/VAS designs


To solve these problems, the operator selected OSSera's Service Inventory Manager and Service Problem Manager products to plan the design of new service blueprints, model and monitor the underlying network and service resources which impact those services. OSSera's Service Inventory Manager and Service Problem Manager modeling and monitoring products tools enabled the planning and monitoring of the following OSS blueprints, VAS/IR blueprints, and BSS blueprints for handling the entire architecture in a unified data model within a single view. In the runtime mode, OSSera's Service Manager receives alerts from the existing NetExpert fault management system.

Benefit for Value-Added Services

OSSera's Service Manager solution has now been in operation since 2008 at the operator and has successfully helped in implementing hundreds of VASs by the Engineering/IT department (responsible for design and modeling) and by the Service/Network Operations Center department (responsible for monitoring). OSSera's solution has helped them become a leading service provider with over 30 million customers.

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Download the TMF Case Study.


OSSera's Service Quality Management Case Study has been featured in the TMF Case Study Handbook 2012.  The TMF Case Study is only available to TMF Members.  Read Blog.