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Client Installation - Windows

Under the Windows environment, the SM (Service Manager) client is installed using a common EXE setup file. Apart from the standard procedure of accepting the license agreement and specifying the installation directory, the setup wizard has 2 pages which ask the user to specify certain parameters. Normally, setup files will be built with settings already pre-defined for a specific server. However, if it is necessary, users may change settings during the installation process.

  • SM Service Name - CORBA name of the running SM service
  • Application Service Name – name of the application server
  • Update Service Name – name of the update service, which will provide information regarding client updates, if any are available
  • ORB Host – IP/hostname of the ORB naming service
  • ORB Port – port number of the ORB naming service

  • Server Host: IP/hostname of SM server. Apart from CORBA, SM server deploys a custom TCP-based notification mechanism, for which this setting is necessary
  • Server Port – SM server port number (see Server Host)
  • HTTP Server URL – base URL, which will be used as a prefix to SM’s web based data locations. For example, image and vector prototypes, used to build diagrams, are all located and provided by an HTTP server.
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