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Welcome to OSSera's Wiki which will contain documentation and future tips and tricks for users. This will be a knowledge base of information for our users and partners.

Introduction #

OSSera's Unified Services Frameworx is a distributed Services Oriented Architecture software technology that supports Communication Service Providers in transforming their Business Process Framework as defined by the TMF's Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM).

eTOM is a common companion of ITIL, an analogous standard or framework for best practices in information technology.

Product Wiki Pages #

Service Specification Management#

Service Inventory Management#

Service Problem Management#

Service Performance Management#

Service Quality Management#

OS & DB Platform #

High Availability #

OSSera's platform is multi-threaded and can run in a Symmetric multiprocessing and Asymmetric multiprocessing computer system configuration.

The software threads can run to maximize availability by distributing processing across CPU's and servers. By adding servers, processing can reach and exceed 99.999% high availability. Processing continues as long as one server remains running.

A discussions on Fault-Tolerance as it pertains to OSSera's Platform, applied to Fault Management.

Case Study Asian Mobile Service Provider

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