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Service Inventory Management

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Service Inventory Management represents the applications, which contain and maintain information about the instances of services in a telecom organization. A Service Inventory application may store and manage any or all of the following entities: Customer facing service (CFS) instances, and their attributes Resource facing service (RFS) instances, and their attributes The Service Inventory may also store and manage service relationships: The mapping of services (RFSs or CFSs) to other services and/or service components, the components being either: Other child services Resources and the resource domain managers used to implement the service, or Services and resources in Supplier/Partner systems used to implement the service This mapping is stored either intrinsically in the core Service Inventory, or discretely via Service-Supporting Resource Inventory applications.


  • Service Inventory Information Model
  • Service Inventory Retrieval
  • Service Inventory Update Notifications
  • Service Inventory Update
  • Service-Supporting Resource Inventory
  • Service Inventory Reconciliation / Synchronization
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