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Service Performance Management

Definition #

Service Performance Management Applications monitor, analyze, and report on the end-end service performance. This can include a real-time, end-to-end view to ensure that each service is functioning correctly as well as a historical view. These applications build on the Resource Performance data and active end-end service performance test data to provide a view of a service. These applications provide a key input to determine the Quality of Service.

Functionality #

The main functions of the Service Performance Management Applications are:
  • Collection of Resource Performance Data from the Resource Management Applications (or directly in the absence of Resource Performance Management application)
  • Collection of Service Performance data through end-to-end tests done internally through the application or external Service Test applications.
Map the Performance data to Service Topology
  • Calculate Service related KPIs, KQIs
  • Long-term performance archive
  • Short-term performance repository
  • Input to Service planning and forecasting applications
  • Identification of Service related problems
  • Historical trending
  • Service triage / testing
  • Service Performance “dashboard”
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