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Starting Service Manager with Java Web-Start

  1. Open web browser and go to OSSera Management Panel homepage.
E.g. http://
  1. Depending on your permissions, browse either into Users or Administrators area.
  2. Click on “Run Service Manager”. The download process should start shortly. Please, be patient as it might take a few minutes if you are running the client for the first time.

  1. After the application is downloaded, a security warning dialog will pop-up.
Choose “Always trust content from this publisher” option, click on “Run” and wait for the application to load.


  • Open Java Control Panel dialog through
    • “Start”
    • “Settings”
    • “Control Panel”
    • “Java”
  • Choose “Advanced” tab
  • Find “Show console” option in the tree under “Java console” and click on “OK”
  • Start Service Manager application and collect log file
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